Ellen Sassani (cello)

is originally from Pennsylvania. Much of her history is the result of fortunate accidents. The only musical training she initiated intentionally was piano at an early age, but she never really got into playing the piano. She began playing cello in fifth grade when a music teacher came looking for a student to play a cello that the school had on hand. At home, she found a recorder (of which no one seems to know the origin), picked it up, and taught herself to play. Her first musical experience was with classical music, which she still loves today.

Ellen met Gino (G.E. Sassani) when the two worked together at a pet shop. They became friends after Gino (literally) fell on Ellen while cleaning cages. The subject of music came up, and Gino and Ellen began playing together. They eventually found they had other things in common, and one thing led to another. They moved to Florida together and were married in 1989. Ellen has played with Gino at various venues throughout the years, from an ice cream store to the State Theater, and first recorded with G.E. Sassani on the Frame By Frame album.

Antonio, Ellen's acoustic cello, has been with her since 1978. She more recently acquired an electric cello, which works well with the band.

Ellen majored in mathematics and later became a software developer. This, along with a certain degree of nepotism, allows her to serve as webmaster as well as musician. She currently works from home, enabling her to spend more time with Gino and their dogs in addition to band activities.