A lot of hard work goes into the production of a CD. I want to take a few moments and introduce you to the crew:


Ellen Sassani (Cello / Recorder): As you can probably tell, Ellen is my wife. She is truly the inspiration behind every word Iíve written for the last 20 years. Ellen joined the band for the Frame By Frame album in 1986. In the tradition of Jeff Lynne I love writing for cello. Ellenís work provides a soft yet haunting quality that makes this music so unique. There just couldnít be a G.E.Sassani album without her. You can E-Mail Ellen at

Dale Keppley (lead guitar / vocals): The Keppleys are really like family. Weíve known each other for 20 years. Dale has a feel for my music that few others have been able to capture. Dale joined up for the Invented Memories album. From acoustic to hard edge electric guitars, Dale can say whatever needs saying without speaking a word. You can E-Mail Dale at

Don ďthe animalĒ Melvan (drums): When the band suddenly found itself needing a drummer, Animal answered the call. The interesting thing is we hadnít even made the call yet. Probably no one in the band has been more eager to get rolling again than Animal. Animal began with the Ordinary Nights CD and has been there ever since.

Paul Belmore (dobro / guitars): I met Paul through mutual friends. He and his wife Tammy have quickly become good friends themselves. Paulís the kind of guy that pushes you to want to do that much better. Easily the master musician among us, Paul is working with us for the first time on In Cold Blood. Wait until you hear what weíve been missing. Paulís got a snake breeding business and specializes in some heart-stopping corn snake morphs with his Pasco Paulís Colubrid business. Check out Paul at his amazing website.

Reuben Cournyer (bass): Seldom does an undrafted free agent make an impact on a team. Reubenís one of the exceptions. He does quite a bit of studio work for his own Rockiní Reubenís Records. Reuben worked hard at rehearsals, making sure I had recordings to work on arrangements. I canít tell you how useful this ended up being to me. Reuben stepped in at the last minute, and boy are we lucky that he did. No question Rockiní Reuben puts some new life into this old songwriter. E-Mail Reuben at

Daniel Swartwood (keyboards): He was the morning keyboardist for the popular Rock 105 WFYV-FM radio station where he played with the likes of Jeff Foxworthy, Rhett Butler and other notable comics.Daniel joined with G.E.Sassani to create the stunning keyboard work found on the "Ordinary Nights" CD.


Russ Birch (Engineer): Russ was the owner of the musician-friendly Southern Sound Studios in Pinellas Park, Florida. That happens to be where the last 2 CDís were recorded. When Russ sold the studio, I went into panic mode. Everything I know about recording I learned from Russ. Heís become a friend and trusted advisor. When Russ volunteer to pitch in and help engineer In Cold Blood it was the last element I needed to fall into place. You can E-Mail Russ at

Bill Love (Photography): To say that Bill and Kathy Love pioneered the cornsnake industry is an incredible understatement. Bill is about the best reptile photographer on the planet. His work has appeared pretty much everywhere. Fresh from his own DVD, ďReptile ManiaĒ which you can buy at their website, Bill offered to open up his massive photograph collection and take new shots for our cover. You can already find samples of Billís contributions throughout the site, particularly the lyric pages. Check Bill out at:

Gila Productions (Expo Promotions): Brett and Alex literally saved the concept of Reptile Expos in Tampa. When a previous promoter failed to deliver and it seemed the CD might not happen, these guys stepped in and gave it new life. If you are a reptile fan you need to check out a Gila Production Expo if thereís one in your area. If there isnít, itís worth the drive from anywhere. Check them out at:

Special thanks need also go out to Vince at Skippers, Sandy at Reptile Magazine, and all of those who have supported this effort. It really was A COLD DAY IN SEPTEMBER!